DEI Training and Education 

DEI education, training, and competency are essential for fostering inclusive cultures, mitigating biases, and driving success in our units.    OVPR DEI Training and Education toolkits comprise resources designed to support learning and expanding knowledge around diversity, equity, and inclusion.  By providing DEI training and educational resources, OVPR endeavors to create more equitable environments, enhance innovation, and achieve better mission-related


Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention – Lunch and Learn

Change It Up! brings bystander intervention skills to the University of Michigan community for the purpose of building inclusive, respectful, and safe communities. It is based on a nationally recognized four-stage bystander intervention model that helps individuals intervene in situations that negatively impact individuals, organizations, and the campus community. From January through June, OVPR will offer condensed, 60-minute ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions of the course to provide an opportunity for all members of the OVPR community to discuss and practice bystander invention skills within their units. 

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Inclusive Hiring

Inclusive Hiring Process

The Office of the Vice President for Research has been piloting materials and tools relevant to the hiring process for regular employees to promote a more comprehensive and inclusive hiring process for each position. In the coming weeks, OVPR will implement these hiring processes/procedures among all OVPR units. All units will be required to utilize these materials later this Fall. An additional requirement is the completion of the Inclusive Hiring Process Guidance training, which is mandatory for anyone who will participate in the hiring process as a member of selection committees or hiring teams.