Office of the Vice President for Research

Innovative work led by the University of Michigan addresses emerging challenges, spurs new technologies and drives the economy.


Catalyze, support and safeguard U-M research and scholarship


Research to serve the world


Altruistic, Collaborative, Diverse, Equitable, Ethical, Inclusive, Innovative, Transparent

The Office of the Vice President for Research partners with units across all three campuses to catalyze, support and safeguard U-M research and scholarship.




More About OVPR

Research Lifecycle

Research lifecycle

Increasing Faculty Competitiveness

We connect faculty to funding opportunities and sponsors

We provide grant writing and editing workshops

We develop resources, programs and tools to increase faculty competitiveness

Research and Sponsored Projects


Proposals reviewed and submitted


Awards processed


Unfunded agreements executed

External Partnerships

We provide resources, counsel and connections for faculty so they can facilitate partnerships with corporations and industry

We advocate and coordinate federal interactions for the research enterprise, keeping federal partners apprised of faculty achievements, needs and opportunities

Research Safeguards

Graphic of a mouse sitting in a human hand

We maintain the highest standards of animal welfare in the conduct of research, testing and teaching

We develop and establish policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of researchers and study participants

We create guidelines that strengthen research integrity and govern conflicts

Research Commercialization

We work with innovators to understand their research programs and to develop a commercialization strategy.

We protect these innovations through patenting and copyright.

We provide commercialization support and mentorship to walk innovators through every step of the process, including finding translational funding and attracting corporate research sponsors.

We negotiate win-win licensing agreements with existing companies and new startup companies. We rank #3 nationally for startup companies formed.

International Engagement

Research lifecycle

We develop and implement best practices for faculty so they can forge international research partnerships, all while complying with federal regulations and guidelines that govern research and scholarship

OVPR Focus Areas

Identify and develop tools and services for research data analysis and research data management

Align research strengths with challenges and priorities across government, industry and philanthropy

Expand research on racial inequalities in order to inform actions that achieve equity and justice

Bolster support of research cores to further support the needs of the research community

Generate knowledge and advance innovative solutions to reduce firearm injury