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UMOR Human Resources

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

    Employee Relations

    UMOR HR is available to assist with the full range of employment activities, including those listed below.  Please reach out to the UMOR HR Director early in the process for guidance and consultation. 

    Recruiting, Position Management, Compensation & Classification

    • UMOR - New Staff Position Requests

    • Reclassifications and Equity Reviews

    • Temporary Staff hiring (including students)

    • Term-limited positions

    • Job Postings and e-Recruit

      • ​Posting an existing position

    • Template Offer Letters

    • Dual Career:   ​

      PARs and HR Actions - Approval Process

      • UMOR is developing a best practice

      UMOR Merit Program

      • Sample spreadsheet

      • Timeline

        Payroll & Timekeeping

        • Electronic Timekeeping:

          •     Developing content

        • Commonly used time reporting codes within UMOR: 


        Academic HR