FY23 Research By the Numbers

The University of Michigan reported $1.86 billion in research volume during Fiscal Year 2023, an 8.15% increase compared to Fiscal Year 2022.

Research Volume by Sponsor

The university reported a record $1 billion in federally sponsored research expenditures across the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses during FY23. And institutional investment of U-M research during FY23 totaled $603 million, which supported research-related infrastructure projects, sparked multidisciplinary initiatives and aided in faculty retention efforts.

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Research Volume by U-M Unit

The Medical School reported $806 million in research expenditures during FY23, a nearly 7 percent increase when compared to FY22. The College of Engineering reported $310 million in research expenditures during Fy23, while the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts reported $229 million in annual research volume.

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Research Volume Over Time

The university reported increases in research expenditures sponsored by the federal government and nonfederal partners during FY23, contributing to an 8.15 percent increase in total research volume when compared to the previous fiscal year.

bar of total research expenditures from 2013 to 2023

Research Awards and Submissions

U-M received 1,974 research awards during FY23, with a total value of $1.46 billion. The university also reported 5,672 research submissions during FY23, with a total value of $6.09 billion.

  Number of Awards Value of Awards
FY 2023 1974 $1,462,884,683
FY 2022 1949 $1,503,649,779
Difference 25 -40,765,096
% Change 1.28% -2.71%


  Number of Submissions Value of Submissions
FY 2023 5672 $6,089,497,473
FY 2022 5534 $5,465,716,016
Difference 138 623,781,457
% Change 2.49% 11.41%