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The Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship supports University of Michigan faculty on all three campuses in conducting ethical, effective public engagement.  

The Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship (PEFF) aims to: 

  • Support the faculty-articulated need for time and space to reflect, develop skills, and incubate project ideas.
  • Encourage recognition of and connections across different forms of public engagement
  • Enable faculty to integrate engagement into their work more fully and translate their scholarly activity into meaningful public impacts. 
  • Create an interdisciplinary, intergenerational learning community focused on public engagement.

There are two phases to the program: an intensive Studio Experience phase focused on community-building, reflection, and learning, and a Project Support phase with the opportunity to request in-kind support and funding for an ambitious public engagement project. 

The Office of the Vice President for Research, in partnership with public engagement units across the university, stewards the Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship.

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Participation & Benefits

There are two tracks to participating in the Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship: as a Fellow or as a Mentor Fellow.


Fellows are faculty who are interested in significant learning or experimentation, with the goal of exploring different forms of engaged work in order to try something new in their practice or deepen their understanding of public engagement. They receive $1,500 as discretionary research funds for successfully completing the Studio Experience.

Mentor Fellows

Mentor Fellows are faculty who have deep experience with public engagement and are interested in sharing about how their engaged practice has shaped their scholarly identity. They help shape the learning community of the Studio Experience and receive $2,000 as discretionary research funds for successfully completing the Studio Experience.

Both Fellows and Mentor Fellows receive: 

  • Opportunities for deep, structured reflection and discussion about past and future experiences with public engagement
  • Skill-building activities designed to develop or level-up foundational skills in public engagement, including DEIJ, public communications, and project planning
  • Connections with expert public engagement partners across U-M
  • Access to an interdisciplinary and intergenerational learning community of faculty committed to public engagement
  • Recognition as a public engagement practitioner, including support for impact storytelling
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You can reach us at [email protected].