Public Engagement & Research Impacts


The Public Engagement & Research Impacts (PE+RI) team at the University of Michigan works to catalyze a robust and interconnected Public Engagement and Research Impacts infrastructure and community across the University of Michigan. We aim to connect faculty, students, and staff to the right partner, resource, or tool at the right time to support ethical and effective efforts to amplify the public impacts of research.

 With a strong focus on interdisciplinarity, research impacts, and reciprocal partnership, the PE+RI team: 

  • Develops research-based resources and tools that help faculty translate their scholarship and apply it across contexts for societal engagement;
  • Helps scholars build skills and capacity to more effectively engage with different publics, including diverse and historically underserved and marginalized communities;
  • Catalyzes innovation and impact by building networks that connect units and individuals across differing approaches to public engagement; and
  • Partners with the Research Development team to provide guidance and consultations on societal impact (or “broader impacts”) sections of funding proposals.
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