Public Engagement & Research Impacts

The Public Engagement & Research Impacts team at the University of Michigan works to catalyze a robust and interconnected Public Engagement and Research Impacts infrastructure and community across the University of Michigan. We aim to connect faculty, students, and staff to the right partner, resource, or tool at the right time to support ethical and effective efforts to amplify the public impacts of research.

With a strong focus on interdisciplinarity, research impacts, and reciprocal partnership, the PERI team: 

  • Develops research-based resources and tools that help faculty translate their scholarship and apply it across contexts for societal engagement,
  • Builds skills and capacity to help scholars to more effectively engage with different publics, including diverse and historically underserved and marginalized communities
  • Catalyzes innovation and impact by building networks that connect units and individuals across differing approaches to public engagement; and
  • Partners with the Research Development & Proposal Services team to provide guidance and consultations on societal impact (or “broader impacts”) sections of funding proposals.
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Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship

The Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship aims to:

  • Support the faculty-articulated need for time and space to reflect, develop skills, and incubate project ideas.
  • Encourage recognition of and experimentation with all forms of public engagement.
  • Enable faculty to integrate engagement into their work more fully and translate their scholarly activity into meaningful public impacts.
  • Create an interdisciplinary, intergenerational learning community focused on public engagement.
Learn more by visiting the PEFF home page.
  • The Public Engagement & Research Impacts team provides a variety of informative workshops (both in person and online). Please contact to discuss options and opportunities to tailor workshop topics for the needs of your unit.

    Current workshop topics include: 

    • NSF Broader Impacts Criterion 101
    • Developing and Articulating a Public Impact Identity
    • Communicating Effectively For and With Public Audiences
    • Foundational Skills in Science Communication
    • Public Engagement Project Design
    • Using Reflective Tools to Level-Up your Public Engagement Practice
    • Navigating Campus Resources Supporting Public Engagement & Research Impacts
    • Hosting Impactful Meetings and Design Sessions with Participatory Facilitation (virtual & in-person)

    The PERI team can also recommend other campus partners who may be able to address additional training needs.

Project Consultations & Matchmaking
  • The Public Engagement & Research Impacts team connects scholars from all disciplines to campus and external partners to help support their public impact ambitions. We offer 1:1 or small-team consultation on: 

    • Ideation
    • Project design and development
    • Articulating a public impact identity
    • Identifying and connecting with appropriate partners
    • Defining metrics and indicators for public impact of research 
    • Translating research effectively for public audiences

    In addition, the PERI team can connect you with possible unit collaborators across campus, help identify internal and extramural funding opportunities for public engagement & research impacts projects, and highlight training and professional development opportunities. 

Proposal Development: Societal Impacts of Research

In partnership with the Research Development & Proposal Services team, the Public Engagement & Research Impacts team consults with faculty seeking extramural funding on articulating the potential societal impact (or “broader impacts”) of their research.