FY21 Research By the Numbers

The University of Michigan reported $1.58 billion in research volume during Fiscal Year 2021, which led to important advancements in areas ranging from climate change and firearm violence to driverless vehicle technology and systemic racism.

Research Volume By Sponsor

The university reported a record $893 million in federally sponsored research expenditures across the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses during FY21. Industry also sponsored a number of innovative U-M research projects during FY21, totaling $109 million in research volume.

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Research Volume By U-M Unit

The Medical School reported $660 million in research expenditures during FY21, while the College of Engineering spent $263 million and the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts generated $199 million in annual research volume.

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Research Volume Over Time

Total research spending declined 2.3 percent during FY21, due largely to financial constraints posed by the pandemic that required many researchers to temporarily halt their work.


Research productivity and spending sharply declined in March 2020 when COVID-19 caused the university to ramp down its research operations, but expenditures gradually increased over the next 20 months.

research funding bar graph

Research Awards and Submissions

U-M received 1,949 research awards during FY21, with a total value of $1.11 billion. The university also reported 6,202 research submissions during FY21, with a total value of $5.8 billion.

  Number of Awards Value of Awards
FY 21 1949 $1,112,637,148
FY 20 1912 $1,249,275,952
Difference 37 -136,638,804
Change % 2% -11%


  Number of Submissions Value of Submissions
FY 21 6202 $5,809,651,764
FY 20 6213 $5,936,694,098
Difference -11 -127,042,334
Change % -0.18% -2.14%
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