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Open Access

U-M Press works with every author to consider whether and how open access might raise a book’s profile, help it to reach the right audience, fulfill the author’s goals or comply with the requirements of a funder or institution.

Data Visualization

The university provides a number of services to help faculty create data visualizations that further support their research and scholarship.

Sweetland Center for Writing

Sweetland oversees the College of LSA’s First-Year and Upper-Level writing requirements, offers one-to-one tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students in our faculty-led Writing Workshop and undergraduate Peer Writing Center, and teaches writing courses from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Sweetland provides support for all multilingual and international undergraduate students. Sweetland offers the Minor in […]

Michigan Publishing

Publishes scholarly and educational materials in a range of formats for wide distribution and permanent preservation. Its team supports the broadest possible access to scholarship by promoting faculty public engagement and expert connections.

U-M Library Copyright Services

Provides answers on copyright and fair use through its consultations, workshops and presentations, online resources and more.