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About Animal Care A-Z

Home to all animal care and use program guidance documents, including policies, guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), forms, and informational resources.

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Provides oversight for all projects involving the use of vertebrate animals and cephalopods at the U-M. Reviews goals, objectives, and scientific benefits of the proposed research to ensure that the project has appropriate merit. Routinely monitors research it has approved to make sure that researchers are following the letter and spirit of their protocol.  

Animal Care & Use

Supports the U-M research community in its pursuit of impactful science to benefit both human and animal health by fostering a culture of excellence and compassion, responsible research conduct, and a shared commitment to upholding the highest animal welfare standards in all aspects of research, testing, and teaching.

Animal Ordering & Acquisition

Information on the services available to the U-M animal care and use community that ensure animals are ordered through the appropriate channels, ensuring research gets off to the right start. Please note that all animal orders must be placed through U-M’s eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) system.