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Office of Research

As the nation's largest public research university, the U-M Office of Research works with leaders across campus to cultivate interdisciplinary research, diversify sources of funding, improve the efficiency of research operations and strengthen partnerships with industry, government and peer institutions worldwide.


  • Research to serve the world


  • To catalyze, support and safeguard U-M research


  • Altruistic: We derive joyful satisfaction from helping others succeed throughout the research lifecycle, from conceiving paths for exploration to translating discoveries into practice.

  • Collaborative: We promote a culture of collaboration across the U-M research enterprise, building relationships among partners, both internal and external, and recognizing that the sum of what we do is greater than the parts.

  • Diverse: We foster a research community comprised of faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds, varied perspectives, and a wide range of academic disciplines and subject-matter expertise. These differences strengthen both the institution and the research itself.

  • Equitable: We establish fair processes and systems to ensure a culture of access and participation.

  • Ethical: We uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and research integrity.

  • Inclusive. We afford each other dignity and respect, valuing our diverse roles and identities. We amplify voices that are less likely to be heard.

  • Innovative. We support developing research, scholarship, and breakthrough discoveries that solve the grand challenges of today and tomorrow. We seek continuous improvement in our daily operations.

  • Transparent: We embrace the imperative to document and share information in an accessible and timely manner, while respecting our responsibility as stewards of sensitive and confidential information.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion