Lab Commissioning Resources

OVPR and EHS designed this site in partnership to help new and existing U-M researchers find resources for commissioning, relocating, or modifying their operations. Researchers can contact EHS at with any questions.

Hazardous Materials and/or Activities Applications

The time needed to receive approval depends on several factors that can vary among laboratories and research operations.  Engineered controls, lab safety equipment and supplies, developing safety protocols, staff training, and regulatory licensing needs can all be factors.  The following table provides estimates on the amount of time that is usually needed to obtain approvals for particular hazards or regulated activities.  These are approximate and will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Restricted gases Restricted Hazardous Gases Authorization form One week after all the required engineering controls for the gas requested are in place

Biological substances:


  • Infectious Agents
  • Recombinant DNA
  • Transgenic animals
  • Select Agents
  • Human derived tissues, fluid, and cells
  • Biological toxins
  • Certain animal-devived tissue, fluids, cells (i.e., from non-human primates, ruminants, swine, chickens or other fowl, or wild vertebrate animals

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval required

Click on the Regulatory Management Login button at eRRM to start or update an IBC Application


NOTE: You MUST submit an amendment to the IBC Application if any part of the research protocol changes such as the:

  • Genes studied or host/vector system
  • Infectious agents or biological toxins
  • Work with substances from humans
  • Work with substances from certain vertebrate
  • Transgenic animal work
  • Administration of biologics to animals
  • Administration of biologics to plants
  • New or additional lab space
  • New personnel
60 – 90 days
Radionuclides and Radiation-generating machines

RSS-101 Application for Authorization to Use Radioactive Material



  • Do NOT use for Human Use Approvals (eResearch and IRB submittal required—Contact EHS for information)
  • You MUST amend your application if you make substantive changes to the material approved or research protocol.  Contact EHS for assistance.
  • Typical applications involving common and routine uses:  1 to 2 weeks
  • Complex applications:  Unusual uses or those requiring Nuclear Regulatory Commission license amendments can take 3-6 mos.  Contact EHS in advance.

NOTE: In most instances, the Radiation Safety Officer can provide a temporary approval or authorization until the Radiation Policy Committee grants final approval of the protocol.


eResearch Animal Management System application (eRAM)


RSS 101 Section 9

60 – 90 days
Lasers Request to Purchase a Class 3B or Class 4 Laser One week
Safety Trainings

Complete EHS Course List


Laboratory Safety

EHS_BLS001w Hazard Communication for Employees Working in Research Support Units, Labs and Shops
EHS_BLS023w Centrifuge & Rotor Safety Training
EHS_BLS025w Chemical Laboratory Safety  *Updated content; Formerly General Lab Safety
BLS026w Hydrofluoric Acid and Ammonium Fluoride Safety in the Laboratory


Biological Safety

BLS008 Working Safely with Viral Vectors
EHS_BLS013w Autoclave Operation and Safety Procedures
EHS_BLS032w NCRC Autoclave Operation and Safety Training
EHS_BLS044w Non-Human Primate Awareness Training

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Training for Research Labs

*Formerly the BBP component of EHS_BLS101w: Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens

EHS_BLS204w Requirements for Shipping Non-Dangerous Goods with Dry Ice
EHS_BLS209w Regulations for Shipping Biologics – Infectious Substances Category B
EHS_BLS301w Biosafety Training (BSL-2)
*Formerly the Biosafety component of EHS_BLS101w: Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens 



EHS_BLS005w Laser Safety Basic Training
RSS006 Radiation Safety Orientation *During COVID, EHS authorizes those who need introductory radiation safety training to complete EHS_RSS103w Radionuclide Users Annual Refresher Training. These individuals must attend an instructor-led RSS006 class when it is safe to do so.  Call EHS RSS (734) 764-6200 with questions.
EHS_RSS007w Radiation Safety Physics Sealed Sources
EHS_RSS044w Embedded Laser Safety
EHS_RSS103w Radiation Safety Orientation and Radionuclide Users Annual Refresher Course
School, College and Unit Level Resources

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