Promotion Procedures for Research Scientists



Promotion recommendations to ranks of Associate Research Scientist and Research Scientist must be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Research, according to the instructions below.

Appointments at the level of Research Investigator or Assistant Research Scientist are approved at the school / college level.

Promotions to be effective on September 1, 2024 must have materials submitted by February 14, 2024.

Research Scientist Annual VPR Memo

Research Scientist Casebook Assembly Checklist and Template

Attachment 1, Sample External Letter Writers Information

Attachment 2, External Letter Writers Solicitation Letter Template

Attachment 3, Sample Memorandum from Committee to Candidate Template


Step 1. Preparation of Files

  • Create a unique PDF file for each promotion casebook labeled with the faculty member’s last name/first name and includes:
    • Bookmark and label the different sections of the promotion casebook, including a page count for each section (please do not list the last page of each section). Additionally, include a last page bookmark, along with the last page page number (Last page – 100) of the casebook.
    • After the bookmark with the External Reviewers’ credentials (See Attachment 1), also bookmark each external review letter and include the reviewer’s credentials/bio from Attachment 1 (place the bio in front of the review letter as a separate page). For example: Reviewer A bio and letter (# pages), Reviewer B bio and letter (# pages), etc.
    • Note- all pages in the promotion casebook are to be in portrait orientation.
    • Note- a table of contents and a cover sheet for each section is not necessary.
  • Create an Excel “metadata” file containing the following information for EACH casebook:
    • Last Name, First Name
    • Employee ID
    • Track
    • School/College/Unit
    • Department and/or Division
    • Current Title
    • Promotion Title
    • Joint/Additional Appointments
    • Dean(s)/Director(s)
    • Department Chairs
  • Create a unique PDF file containing the Unit Criteria for each promotion track.
  • Create a unique PDF file of the signed Summary Memorandum from the Dean/Director and any attachments.

    Step 2. Upload files to Dropbox by February 14, 2024

    • Login to Dropbox using your uniqname and password (
    • Select the folder named “Your School/College”-Rsch Scientist Promotions (if you do not have access to your folder, email to request access)
    • Place these Research Scientist track PDF file(s) within your folder
      • Research Scientist casebook file(s)
      • Excel “metadata” file
      • Unit Criteria file
      • Signed PDF Summary Memorandum from the Dean/Director file

    Step 3. Email  with confirmation that your RESEARCH SCIENTIST track files have been uploaded

    Promotion packets will not be acted upon until all required documents are present.

    For further information, contact Wendi Mohl in OVPR, or


    January – June 2023

      • Units follow internal process for identifying faculty eligible for promotion on the research scientist track.

    August 1, 2023

      • OVPR memo to units with promotion process, dates and instructions.

    October 25, 2023

    February 14, 2024

      • Deadline for uploading complete casebooks to Dropbox.

    May 31, 2024

      • Outcome of casebook review shared with Units.