The Quantum Research Institute's (QRI) mission is to enhance, catalyze, and support “Quantum 2.0” research and education at the University of Michigan's colleges and departments.</p>
<p>It also aims to strengthen research among U-M faculty and other collaborators including universities, research centers, industry, and government agencies.</p>
<p>Based on the National Quantum Initiative, Quantum 2.0 is defined as “developing and using quantum superposition and quantum entanglement as resources for future technologies.”

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About the Quantum Research Institute

Quantum Research Institute Co-Directors headshots of Steven Cundiff, Harrison M. Randall Collegiate Professor of Physics, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Mack Kira, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Professor of Physics.

The University of Michigan has announced a $55 million investment to launch a Quantum Research Institute (QRI) in order to address global quantum challenges and prepare a new generation of researchers to drive groundbreaking discoveries. The QRI is a joint venture among the Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Engineering, and the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. With support from the Office of the Provost, the institute aims to strengthen research collaborations among U-M faculty, industry partners, and government agencies.

To accomplish this goal, the QRI will recruit up to eight new faculty members with expertise in quantum, who will work closely with 20 U-M faculty fellows to identify and implement a strategic plan for bolstering quantum research across disciplines. The institute will also operate a research incubator designed to provide faculty with resources and services, including seed funding, to enable them to compete for large-scale external grants that advance bold research ideas.

Beyond its research mission, the institute plans to expand academic curricula to incorporate new courses that help prepare students for the future quantum workforce. Through QRI fellowships, U-M aims to recruit talented and diverse graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows to collaborate with faculty on multidisciplinary research projects.

With advancements in quantum engineering and technology revolutionizing the way the world operates, the QRI seeks to introduce quantum computers that operate a million times faster, quantum internet to distribute information more securely, and quantum engineering approaches that yield sustainability innovations such as carbon capture and energy harvesting. By strengthening research collaborations and preparing a new generation of quantum researchers, the QRI aims to help enhance national security, drive economic growth, and reinforce the United States’ position as a global leader in quantum engineering, science, and technology.

“Through this cross-college collaboration, the University of Michigan can continue to lead in this cutting-edge research space, building on our long history of research excellence in photonics, quantum theory, as well as quantum materials.” -Anne Curzan, Dean, College of Literature, Science and the Arts

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