PEERRS: Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarship Course Details

The PEERRS Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarship (RCRS) course provides an overview of the key elements that foster an ethical research practice, regardless of research or scholarship discipline.  

Course Requirements

Who should take this course?

Details about the university requirements to complete the Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarship (RCRS) course can be found on the RCRS Training webpage.

Course Duration & Certification Requirements

Expect to spend approximately 3 – 4 hours completing this course.  The course has four modules with a scored assessment at the of the course.  To receive certification for the course, you must review all of the course pages and pass the assessment with a score of 80%.

Do I need to renew certification in this course?

Certification in this course is required every three years for U-M faculty, students, and staff listed on an active PAF or active sponsored Award in any of the UM Investigator roles.  

If you completed this course as a pre-requisite within your school/college’s RCR curriculum as a student or trainee, you likely do not have to renew certification.

The My LINC system will send you up to two email reminders – one 30 days prior to the course expiration and one on the expiration date.  These are notifications of expiration only.  The system cannot identify the reason why you initially completed the course.   U-M expects you to determine whether or not you need to renew certification based on the current status of your research project(s).  Certification is renewable by re-taking the PEERRS RCRS course.

Course Registration

Register for, and then open, the course in My LINC:

PEERRS Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarship

Course Outline

The PEERRS Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research course is based on the following CITI modules:

PEERRS Responsible Conduct of Research Topics Based on CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Modules

RCR Components & Values

RCR & Professional Development

  • Authorship & Publication
  • Peer Review
  • Research Misconduct
  • Mentoring
  • Societal Responsibility

RCR & Project Stewardship

  • Research Collaboration
  • Data Management
  • Financial Management
  • Conflicts of Interest

RCR & Regulatory Compliance

  • Responsibilities
  • Key Concepts
  • Overviews
    • Export Controls
    • Human Subjects Protections
    • Safe Laboratory & Research Practice
    • Vertebrate Animal Care & Use

Introduction to RCR (ID: 17009)

Authorship (ID: 16597)

Peer Review (ID: 16603)

Research Misconduct (ID: 16604)

Plagiarism (ID: 15156)

Mentoring (ID: 16602)

Research, Ethic, and Society (retired)

Collaborative Research (ID: 16598)

Data Management (ID: 16600)

Financial Responsibility (ID: 16601)

Conflict of Interest (ID: 16599)

Research Involving Human Subjects (ID: 13566)

Using Animal Subjects in  Research (ID: 13301)

Export Controls and National Security (retired)




Who verifies PEERRS certifications & when?
Who at U-M When Where
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) Prior to processing new awards and incremental funding (existing awards) eResearch Proposal Approval Form (PAF), Award (AWD), and Award Modification (AWD-MOD)
Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) Prior to approving human subjects studies eResearch IRB application (HUM) or IRB amendment (AME)
Export Controls Office (ECO) Prior to approving research activity using controlled technology or data eResearch Technology Control Plan (TCP) or TCP amendment
Research Security Information Oversight (RISO) When processing new sponsored awards that reference controlled unclassified information (CUI) regulations eResearch Proposal Approval Form (PAF), Award (AWD), and Award Modification (AWD-MOD)


Other U-M offices may check PEERRS certification status as part of audit or misconduct investigations, including: University Audits, the Office of Research Compliance Review (ORCR), and the OVPR Research Integrity program.  School/colleges may check student and trainee certification status if utilizing PEERRS courses as a part of their unit-based Responsible Conduct of Research curriculum. 

The sponsor for my research proposal requires a description of a Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training plan. Is that the PEERRS RCRS course?

No.  Certain funding sponsors (e.g, NSF, NIH) may require a description of the principal investigator’s plan/program to train students and post-doctoral researchers in the nine components of Responsible Conduct of Research as part of the grant/contract proposal. 

Per federal sponsor guidelines, an online course cannot be the sole method of instruction, so the PEERRS Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarship course and/or other PEERRS courses are not sufficient in themselves.  However, the PEERRS course may be recommended by your unit as a pre-requisite to in-person, discipline-specific training. 

Check with your unit to determine the applicable RCR training options offered through your School/College.

References and Resources

Register for a PEERRS Course My LINC document providing step-by-step instructions to register for and launch a PEERRS eLearning course.


For technical assistance using My LINC to register for a course, locate and open a course, or navigate through the PEERRS Human Subjects Research Protections course, contact the ITS Service Center at 734-764-4357.

For questions regarding course content or training requirements, contact your U-M IRB Office.

For questions regarding the PEERRS program or PEERRS access, contact the U-M PEERRS group at