OVPR, Stamps Scholars Program award 11 scholarships to support summer undergraduate research projects

Stamps Scholars

By Bianca Kashat
Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research has partnered with the Stamps Scholars Program to support undergraduate students from across the University of Michigan so they can participate in summer research projects ranging from health inequities to psychiatric disorders.

Eleven students will each receive up to $10,000 to participate in a 10-week summer program that provides them with research training and connects them with faculty across a wide spectrum of academic fields. Scholarship funds also may be used to compensate students for their work and support expenses related to research-related travel, professional conferences and equipment.

“By engaging in the research process as an undergraduate, students can augment their educational experience and gain valuable hands-on skills that will support their career paths – regardless of their future involvement in research,” said Rebecca Cunningham, vice president for research.

“This program also provides a wonderful opportunity for students to get to work with our amazing faculty outside of the classroom.

The following U-M students will receive scholarships as part of the Stamps Scholars Program:

  • Deena Aboul-Hassan: Movement Science major
  • Sarah Babka: Pharmaceutical Science major
  • Arianna Creech: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology major
  • Sarah Khreizat: Public Health major
  • Madeline Miclea: Biology, Health and Society major
  • Thomas Prince: Economics and Biomolecular Science major
  • Fanny Raskind: Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience major
  • Lillian Shern: Psychology and Organizational Studies major
  • Sian Tian: Neuroscience major
  • Sarah Williams: Political Science and Sociology major
  • Tommy Wyniemko: Biology major

“This new partnership with the Stamps Scholars Program allows us to expand undergraduate research opportunities across the University of Michigan, enabling our students to excel academically, while enhancing their research and creative skills,” said Bradford Orr, associate vice president for research – natural sciences and engineering who oversees the program.

The Stamps Scholars Program was founded by E. Roe Stamps and his late wife Penny in 2006, with the purpose of enabling extraordinary educational experiences for extraordinary students. U-M is one of 37 colleges and universities across the United States and the United Kingdom to participate in the program.

The OVPR team plans to expand research and scholarship opportunities to 35 students next summer. Sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply between December 1, 2023 and January 15, 2024.

“We are excited to work with the University of Michigan to support some outstanding undergraduates and enable them to gain valuable experience as researchers,” said Randy McDow, executive director of the Stamps Scholars Program.

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