OVPR – Find Funding

From forging partnerships with industry to collaborating with K-12, the University of Michigan provides a number of resources to help students, faculty and staff further develop their research projects.

Research Administration Post

The U-M Office of Research and Sponsored Projects developed two e-newsletters—Research Administration Post (RAP) and Research Administration Post Immediate Dispatch (RAPid)—to inform faculty and staff of research-related funding opportunities, events, broad funding opportunities, news alerts, updates, as well as changes in policies and procedures related to grants and sponsored projects.

Research Commons

Research Commons provides a unique shopping experience for researchers to identify internal funding opportunities in one space without having to navigate multiple websites.

Limited Submissions

Limited Submissions are funding opportunities in which the sponsor only allows a specific and limited number of proposals from a given institution.

Research Catalyst and Innovation Program (RCI)

Launched in Spring 2021, the Research Catalyst and Innovation (RCI) Program includes four new funding mechanisms totally more than $1.5 million in annual support, that aim to catalyze research and spur innovation across U-M. 


If you have any further questions, please contact the UMOR-RDteam@umich.edu for more information and answers to common research-related questions.