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U-M to lead $30 million complex-particle center

graphic representation of a particleTo bring nature’s efficiency and flexibility to advanced materials and additive manufacturing, the University of Michigan will lead an international team of scientists, engineers and educators in a five-year, $30 million center funded by the National Science Foundation.

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AI tool helps optimize antibody medicines

Peter Tessier (left) and Tiexin Wang (right) prepare antibodies to test how they bind to themselves and other molecules. The machine learning model developed by Tessier’s team could help drug developers design better antibody medicines. Credit: Hye Jin Lee, Tessier Lab, University of Michigan

Antibody treatments may be able to activate the immune system to fight diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and colorectal cancer, but they are less effective when they bind with themselves and other molecules that aren’t markers of disease.

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U-M-based center awarded $5M grant to study climate change impacts on water resources across borders

The new Global Center will draw on relationships and policies from transboundary watersheds and Indigenous Territories along the entire US- Canada border (orange and green regions, respectively). The Great Lakes basin (blue) serves as an initial area of focus. Directly funded project partners are identified as black dots, with Indigenous partners highlighted by a purple ring. All of North America’s transboundary basins are highlighted in light grey for reference Image credit: University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability and Office of the U-M Vice President for ResearchUniversity of Michigan researchers will lead a new effort to strengthen the climate change resilience of vulnerable communities that span international boundaries and jurisdictions.

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