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The National Science Foundation partners with researchers across U-M to strengthen the United States economy, while also enhancing the nation’s security and advancing knowledge to sustain global leadership.

Translating Research to the Marketplace

The NSF selected U-M to lead the $15 million Great Lakes Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Hub. I-Corps trains scientists and engineers to carry their promising ideas and technologies beyond the university and into the marketplace to benefit society. U-M’s I-Corps Hub has set a goal of training 2,350 teams in the next five years, helping to maximize the benefits of publicly funded research by finding the right place within industry for new breakthroughs to take hold.

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Scientific Investigation of How People and Families Grow and Change Over Time

With funding from the NSF, U-M researchers direct the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), the longest running longitudinal household survey in the world. The PSID is a cornerstone of data infrastructure for social science research in the United States. The study has used a series of surveys to gather information on US families since 1968. This includes the study of economic outcomes such as employment, income, and wealth.

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Testing the Lifespan of Electric Vehicle Batteries

As demand for electric vehicle batteries continues to grow, NSF-supported researchers at U-M have developed a method for predicting how changes to manufacturing processes and materials will impact battery life. U-M’s research provides a useful tool for automakers at a time when most are quickly moving their product lines away from internal combustion technology to embrace hybrid and electric transportation.

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