Homepage Video Description

Fade up from black to an aerial view zooming out on the University of Michigan block-M in the roundabout at the M-City vehicle testing facility. Fades to a flyover shot of the U-M Ann Arbor central campus. Fades to a close-up shot of a U-M 3-D printer working. Next is a shot of a female researcher in a white lab coat with a Michigan block-M on it. She is pouring a chemical into a container as a part of research in a lab. Fades to a researcher scuba diving over coral in tropical water and taking pictures. Next is a left to right panning image of a wolverine on display in the U-M natural History Museum. Fades to natural product research samples being stirred by a machine in a U-M Life Sciences lab. Next is a group female U-M track and field athletes running on campus as a part of their training. Fades to an operating room to a close-up of two surgeons looking into plastic covered microscopes while performing surgery and then to a close-up of their hands working together on the surgical procedure. Next is a flyover of the U-M kinesiology building in a bright sunshine day. Next is a slow-motion tilt down shot of a female U-M athlete running on a treadmill while wearing numerous sensors on her upper body and legs, as well as a facemask for breathing over her mouth and nose, while researcher look on in observation in the background of the scene. Followed by a zooming out shot of one of U-M’s high performance computing racks with a lot of flashing lights. Fades to a shot of a female research student working in a northern Michigan field lab on natural products research. She is dripping liquid from one glass container into another while several other students look on and one videos the work. Next is a close-up of a researcher’s hand and tool being used to stir up a research sample growing in a lab, followed by a close of a blue liquid sitting in a glass container in a dark lab as a researcher pours another substance around the container, causing a large amount of cloud-like smoke to appear as the reaction occurs. The final scene in the video is of two dental researchers discussing a recent patient. The dentist nods in agreement to what the hygienist says while looking a chart together. Fade to black.