Faculty Honorifics Office

External honorific awards are a critical component of faculty recognition and career development, and tie in closely to future research success. The Faculty Honorifics Office seeks to bolster recognition for U-M researchers by increasing the number, diversity, and quality of our nominations through better coordination, sharing best practices across the institution, and ensuring equitable nomination processes.

The Faculty Honorifics Office works to promote recognition of U-M faculty who are leaders in their fields and celebrate the value and impact of Michigan research.


The Faculty Honorifics Office serves faculty in all U-M schools and colleges by:

  • Creating an equitable process for public, university-wide calls for nomination to high-prestige, transdisciplinary, invited or limited submission honorifics administered by OVPR.
  • Supporting unit- and department-level nomination processes with better analytics and logistical support, reducing the burden on nominators and nominees while increasing the number, diversity, and quality of faculty nominations.
  • Convening a community of practice to increase communication, share resources, and promote best practices among faculty and staff working on nominations in units and departments across campus.
  • Creating an internal database to coordinate nominations across units, track successes and plan for future submissions.

The Faculty Honorifics Office provides analytical and logistical support for unit and departmental awards committees nominating faculty for external awards. If you would like to talk about your unit’s nomination practices, analysis of top awards in your field or strategies for individual faculty members, please contact us at honorifics@umich.edu

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head shot photo of Henry Dyson

Henry Dyson – Director of Faculty Honorifics

Email: hdyson@umich.edu

head shot of Carly Bower

Carly Bower, Program Manager of Faculty Honorifics

Email: cfbower@umich.edu