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The HRPP Operations Manual (OM) describes the overarching rules governing the University of Michigan’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) and serves as a policy and procedural reference for investigators, IRBs, administrators, and others.  


The HRPP Operations Manual was updated in January 2022.

HRPP Operations Manual

The HRPP Operations Manual has 13 parts.  Click a link to review or download the OM from the References & Resources section below

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HRPP Operations Manual

Describes the overarching rules governing the University of Michigan’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) and outlines responsibilities, processes, and guidelines for the U-M investigators, the institutional review boards (IRBs), administrators, and others under the HRPP. [PDF]  Last updated:  April 2023


    To ask a question, express concerns, or provide suggestions about human research protections at U-M, please send a message to hrppumich@umich.edu.