COI Annual Review Process

Ensure research integrity with U-M’s Conflict of Interest (COI) Annual Review. Confirm conflicts, disclose appropriately, and manage effectively through M-Inform. Take this essential step toward compliance.

Annual Review of a Conflict Situation

All active COI Management Plans are reviewed on a regular basis (at least annually) to verify:

  • That the conflict of interest still exists
  • The individuals involved in the situation and their roles with the research or external entity 
  • The individuals, such as ombudspersons, that have a role in the management of the conflict of interest
  • That disclosure of the conflict situation has occurred to students, in publications, etc., as appropriate


At this time, the conflicted individual and other individuals required to review a COI Management Plan receive an email with a link to the Annual Review (AR) in M-Inform.  Using the AR, you will answer a series of questions to update the detail related to the management plan.  Submission of your answers in M-Inform allows the COI Office to conduct the review, which may include revisions of the plan.  Revisions require accepting the updated plan in M-Inform.  (See the Responding to a COI Management Plan section for more information.)


Upon completion of the annual review, the COI Management Plan may have one of the following states:

  • Under Management: The conflict of interest situation continues to be managed via annual review.
  • Management Ended – Awaiting Publication: The research project has ended, but the disclosure of the conflict of interest is required in subsequent publications or presentations of the research results.
  • Management Ended: The research project has ended.  Subsequent annual review for the conflict situation is not required.
  • Conflict Eliminated:  The relationship with the external entity has ended.  Subsequent annual review for the conflict situation is not required.

There are three (3) COI Review processes:

  • Initial Review
  • Determination & Response to Management
  • Annual Review

Situations where the committee determined that management is required for an existing conflict are reviewed annually.

As a U-M employee, you participate in the Annual Review process either as the conflicted individual or as someone with an oversight role (e.g., ombudsperson).

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