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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration partners with researchers across U-M to discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity, while supporting innovation and technology development to advance our space exploration capabilities.



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Parker Solar Probe data bolsters theories in long-running solar riddle

solar probeData collected by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe bolsters theories previously proposed by U-M researchers about one of the sun’s greatest mysteries – why its outer atmosphere is hotter than its fiery surface. And now that NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has entered this zone of heating, U-M researchers can visualize how heating happens in the corona, further expanding our understanding of space weather.

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Colossal black holes locked in dance at heart of galaxy

black holeA team of researchers, using data collected at the former U-M Radio Astronomy Observatory at the Peach Mountain Observatory, discovered a pair of supermassive black holes caught in the act of merging 13 billion light-years away. The two massive bodies are each hundreds of millions of times the mass of our sun and span a distance roughly fifty times the size of our own solar system.

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Studying Earth’s defenses against solar storms

solar flareU-M researchers will play a central role in NASA’s upcoming Geospace Dynamics Constellation mission – a first-of-its-kind look at a protective outer layer of Earth’s atmosphere and how it interacts with solar weather. NASA’s Geospace Dynamics Constellation Mission includes three scientific investigations – two of which involve U-M researchers – that will help us predict impacts from solar activity such as coronal mass ejections, solar wind and flares.

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