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UMOR Information Technology (IT)


  • UMOR Administered

    • InfoReady Application Management

    • Adobe Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement (ETLA)

      • Adobe Products covered

        • Adobe Creative Suite (cloud version) - “$70/person/year to UMOR units

        • Adobe Professional (cloud version) -  UMOR covers the cost for this software

    • For guidance on how to access and install this software please contact sends e-mail) for assistance.

    • Common questions that you will be asked:

      • Do you participate in UM’s Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) software consortium?

      • Are you a MiWorkspace unit?

  • Other software

  • Common questions

    • Is your unit part of University of Michigan's Information Technology Asset Management (UmichITAM) consortium?

    • Is your unit part of MiWorkspace?

    • Who will pay for software?

    • Campus licensed software?

IT Equipment

  • Purchasing (non-laboratory) IT equipment

  • Equipment Life Cycle Guidance

    • UMOR recommends replacing desktop and laptop hardware every 4 years; however, there may be some exceptions to replace equipment earlier or later than 4 years.

    • Printers are usually obtained through the Managed Printer/Copier program with Xerox as the supplier. Xerox and the business contact in the unit manage the life cycle of those devices.

  • Conference Room Equipment

    • Videoconferencing and presentation equipment is the responsibility of the “owner” of the conference room. In general, conference room equipment should be evaluated for replacement every 5 years

    • ITS provides conference room equipment consultation and installation

    • Day-to-day on-site support for conference room equipment is the responsibility of the unit

    • We recommend that you place information about who conference room visitors should contact for technical assistance

Data Security


  • An overview of MiWorkspace:

  • Not sure if you are on MiWorkspace (but afraid to ask?)  Look for this icon:

  • What does this mean for UMOR users? Most of the software and IT equipment questions should be directed to MiWorkspace with the exception of conference room equipment