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2009 Distinguished University Innovator Award

Professor Farnam Jahanian was named the 3rd University of Michigan Distinguished University Innovator for 2009, a prize that recognizes faculty for the development of innovative technologies and the demonstration of their transformational potential.

Professor Jahanian is the Edward S. Davidson Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In honor of his award, Jahanian lectured about "Securing the Internet Cloud: A Perspective on Seeding Innovation and Technology Transfer."

Innovation and entrepreneurship are synonymous with our national identity. Long-term, sustainable economic growth in a competitive, ever-evolving global environment relies on our ability to continually innovate and bring new ideas to market.

Universities are uniquely suited to play a central role of exploration and renewal that will sustain the “innovation ecosystem” upon which we rely. Beyond recognizing that research findings have potential to impact on the issues of our day, we must go further and cultivate an environment in which those findings are effectively transferred into the marketplace, driving our economy and addressing the pressing societal concerns of our era.

In this talk, Jahanian described how research at Michigan is critical to this process and how we must continue to foster the transfer of technology into marketplace. He described his experiences in founding Arbor Networks based on technology developed in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Michigan, and how supporting and encouraging this type of tech transfer is important for both the state and national economy.