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Celebrate Research 2017

A reception honoring all recent first-time U-M sponsored research award recipients and their department chairs.

UMOR hosted its third-annual Celebrate Research event on May 4, 2017, at the Michigan League, honoring all recent first-time U-M sponsored research award recipients and their department chairs. 

U-M Vice President of Research Presenting at Celebrate Research - May 2017

The event began with a panel discussion, Beyond the First Grant: Cultivating a World-class Research Career, along with a Q&A with the audience and attendees. 

U-M President Mark Schlissel at Celebrate Research

Scroll down on this page to view this year's and past honorees and to learn more about this year's panel participants.

Panel Members

Moderator: George A. Mashour
Executive Director of Translational Research
Bert N. La Du Professor of Anesthesiology Research
Senior Associate Chair for Research Department of Anesthesiology
Executive Director of the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research, Medical School, and Director of the Center for Consciousness Science


Diann BreiDiann Brei
Associate Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Director of Design Science Program
Director of GM/UM Collaborative Lab on Multifunctional Vehicle Systems



Vincent L. Hutchings
Hanes Walton Jr. Collegiate Professor
Political Science Dept.
Dept. of AfroAmerican and African Studies (by courtesy)
Research Professor, Institute for Social Research




Erica E. Marsh, MD, MSCI, FACOG
Associate Professor and Chief, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
U-M Medical School



Past Honorees:

This Year's First Time U-M Sponsored Award Recipients

This list may include those who have received sponsored awards at other universities or those who are department heads or chairs.

Eric Adelman: Medicine
Omar Ahmed: LSA
Arun Anantharam: Medicine
Ravi Anupindi: Business
Martin Arlt: Medicine
Kelly Arnold: Engineering
Al-Thaddeus Avestruz: Engineering
Tariq Awan: Medicine
Stanley Baek: UM-Dearborn
Ryan Bailey: LSA
Kelly Bakulski: Public Health
Mihaela Banu: Engineering
Andrew Barnosky: Medicine
Dmitry Berenson: Engineering
Victoria Bigelow: Education
Deirdre Bloome: LSA
David Brang: LSA
Dave Bridges: Public Health
Jesse Capecelatro: Engineering
Shannon Carty: Medicine
Allison Cator: Medicine
Erin Cech: ISR
Ho Ming Chow: Medicine
N M Mosharaf Chowdhury: Engineering
Melissa Cousino: Medicine
Natalia Czap: UM-Dearborn
Glen Daigger: Engineering
Lynae Darbes: Nursing
Neil Dasgupta: Engineering
Lindsey De Lott: Medicine
Elise Demitrack: Medicine

Jane Deng: Medicine
Sumana Devata: Medicine
Maureen Devlin: LSA
Matt Diemer: Education
Mark Dincecco: LSA
Michael Dorsch: Pharmacy
Amy Drayton: Medicine
Jatin Dua: LSA
Aaron Dworkin: Music
Gabriel Ehrlich: LSA
Aidin Eslam Pour: Medicine
Christopher Fariss: ISR
Leslie Fecher: Medicine
Anne Fernandez: Medicine
Amy Finley: UM-Dearborn
Paul Fleming: Public Health
Paula Fomby: ISR
Benjamin Fortson: LSA
Patricia Garcia: Information
Furat George: Dentistry
Jessica Getman: Music, Theatre & Dance
Jonathan Grady: UM-Flint
Steve Gray: Law School Research Admin
Michael Gross: Engineering
Timothy Guetterman: Medicine
Saher Hammoud: Medicine
Jaynee Handelsman: Medicine
Jillian Hardee: Medicine
Khaled Hassan: Medicine

Margaret Hicken, ISR
Antoinette Hopper: Pharmacy
Meha Jain: SNRE
Stefanus Jasin: Business
Odest Jenkins: Engineering
Tasho Kaletha: LSA
Hyun Min Kang: Public Health
Alla Karnovsky: Medicine
Keith Kaye: Medicine
Jessica Kelts: UM-Flint
Stephen Kemp: Medicine
Michael Kennedy: Public Safety
Minhajuddin Khaja: Medicine
Kelley Kidwell: Public Health
Elizabeth King: Public Health
Frederick Korley: Medicine
Carl Koschmann: Medicine
Debra S Kovacevich: Pharmacy
Barbara Kriigel: UM-Dearborn
Jelena Krivokapic: LSA
Robbi Kupfer: Medicine
Lei Lei: Medicine
Kara Leyzac: Medicine
Chun-Chi Liang: Medicine
David Machado-Aranda:
Univ Hospitals & Health Center
Jean Malouin: Medicine
Aaron Mammoser: Medicine
Erica Marsh: Medicine
Tomoko Masuzawa: LSA
Jacqueline Mattis: LSA
Nancy May: Univ Hospitals & Health Center
Michael Meyer: LSA

Zetian Mi: Engineering
Lyonel Milton: Engineering
Aditi Misra: UMTRI
Ritesh Mistry, Public Health
David Moran: Law School Research Admin
Michael Mueller-Smith: ISR
Hari Nathan, Medicine
Erin Neil: Medicine
Lauro Ojeda: Engineering
Luis Ortiz: UM-Dearborn
Nicholas Osborne: Medicine
Amy Pai: Pharmacy
Dimitra Panagou: Engineering
Maria Papaleontiou: Medicine
Yannis Paulus: Medicine
Lori Ploutz-Snyder: Kinesiology
Robert Ploutz-Snyder: Nursing
Oliver Ptaschinski: Medicine
Ling Qi: Medicine
Krishna Rao: Medicine
Leah Robinson: Kinesiology
Daniel Romero: Information
Gary Rothenberg: Medicine
Mark Rowe: SNRE
Thomas Saba: Medicine
Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks: Business
Christian Sandvig: ISR
Laura Saslow: Nursing
Florian Schaub: Information
Celia Schultz: LSA

Emily Scott: Pharmacy
Erika Sears: Medicine
Young Ah Seo: Public Health
Isis Settles: LSA
Manjool Shah: Medicine
Jennifer Smith: Public Health
Julie Snyder: UM-Flint
Matthew Spector: Medicine
Svetlana Stamatovic: Medicine
Darin Stockdill: Education
Nicholas Szerlip: Medicine
Gregory Tall: Medicine
Cody Thompson: LSA
Kentaro Toyama: Information
Ivy Tso: Medicine
Alex Tsoi: Medicine
Adina Turcu: Medicine
Kara Gaetke Udager: Medicine
Pascal Van Hentenryck: Engineering
Oliver Varban: Medicine
Jie Wang: Medicine
Yu Wang: Medicine
Addie Weaver: Social Work
Jonathan Wells: LSA
Larysa Wickman: Medicine
Camille Wilson: Education
Michael Wood: Medicine
Troy Wymore: LSA
Laura Zahodne: LSA
Alexander Zaslavsky: Medicine
Peng Zhang: Medicine
Cheng Zhou: Engineering