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Safety Accountability Lead

Safety Accountability Lead (SAL)

 The SAL is designated by the dean(s) of their unit and will:

  • Ensure oversight of the implementation of the research safety initiative for their respective unit.
  • Coordinate and engage with Unit Safety committee chair on priorities of the safety initiative to ensure planning and resources are in place as needed. 
  • Resolve issues that the Unit Safety committee brings for assistance
  • Engage with the LRSC as needed to resolve issues or discuss ways to enhance safety across campus.


Safety Accountability Leads Member Roster
Name Unit Affiliation
Carlos Pompeo A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Mahendra Kumar Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
Steve Ceccio College of Engineering
Rich Gonzales Institute for Social Research
Cathy Andrews Life Science Institute
Chris Poulsen Literature, Science, and the Arts
Jacqueline Jeruss Medical School
Ben Thauland School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Ivan Eastin School of Environment & Sustainability
Vesa Kaartinen School of Dentistry
Greg Cartee School of Kinesiology
Pennie Rutan College of Pharmacy
Michael Krajcik and Jim Kennedy School of Public Health
Rogerio Pinto School of Social Work
Michael Imperiale Mcity
Michael Imperiale U-M Energy Institute
Michael Imperiale Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
















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