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Research Smart Safety Committees

Safety Committee Structure

University-wide Oversight Committee

The U-M Laboratory and Research Safety Committee (LRSC) is the main oversight committee for the Research Smart initiative, and membership includes faculty, staff, student, trainee and administrative levels from research areas across the university, as well as representation from EHS, UMOR and the Provost’s Office. 

The charge of the LRSC focuses on the academic and research activities that involve potentially hazardous materials or equipment and that occur in laboratories, shops or studios affiliated with the Ann Arbor campus.  

The faculty-led LRSC advises the U-M Office of Research (UMOR) and the Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) on university policies for implementation of federal and state research safety regulations. 

The LRSC serves a coordinating role for the school/college/unit safety committees and assists these local bodies by reviewing how safety incidents and concerns are addressed and recommending improvements and remediation, as necessary.

LRSC Annual Review 2017

LRSC Annual Review 2018

Unit Safety Committees

Fifteen local safety committees (unit safety committees) have been established across twenty different schools, colleges, institutes and units on the Ann Arbor campus (see list below). 

Mirroring the LRSC to the extent appropriate, given the nature of the work in their area, these unit safety committees focus on academic and research activities that involve potentially hazardous materials or equipment, and that occur in laboratories, shops or studios. The unit safety committees work to address communication and information-sharing challenges inherent in the decentralized academic and research environment of the university.  

Unit safety committees are encouraged to meet at least quarterly. These meetings – each of which will have EHS representation – will provide a forum for discussion of safety issues and ideally will result in local problem-solving.

Unit Safety Committee Contacts

School/College/Units Safety Committee Email Safety Committee Chair
Architecture and Urban Planning Carlos Pompeo
Art and Design Sarah Weiss

CoESafety Website

CoE Dept. Safety Committees

Thomas Armstrong



Institute for Social Research Jody Reynolds
Libraries Shannon Zachary
Life Science Institute David Sherman 
LSA Corey Stephenson
Medicine Paul Jenkins
Music, Theatre, and Dance Benjamin Thauland
School for Environment and Sustainability  Johannes Foufopoulos
Health Sciences Safety Committee (HSSC)  
Dentistry Yuji Mishina/Taocong Jin
Kinesiology see HSSC Pete Bodary/Jake Haus
Nursing see HSSC Erin Kahle/Janet Larson
Pharmacy see HSSC Nicole Crandall
Public Health see HSSC Jim Kennedy/John Meeker
Social Work see HSSC Rogerio Pinto
mcity Huei Peng
U-M Energy Institute Bart Bartlett
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Luis Hernandez-Garcia



Inaugural Safety Committee Summit 

March 19, 2018 

  • Purpose:

    As part of the Research Smart Initiative, the U-M Laboratory and Research Safety Committee (LRSC) and the unit safety committees are charged with responsibilities that help strengthen the culture of safety at UM.  The Research Safety Committee Summit is intended to be an annual communication forum bringing together members of all the research safety committees at U-M to discuss ways to help each other fulfill those responsibilities. 

    The Summit will provide a chance for participants to share best practices, discuss expectations for unit safety committees, and provide feedback on the current focus and future goals of the Research Smart Initiative.  Details of unit-level participation will be announced in future correspondences.


  • Executive Summary from the Safety Committee Summit




SAFETY Committee summit ROSTER & Discussion notes