Safe Research is Smart Research

The University of Michigan strengthens and sustains the quality of its research by instilling a strong culture of laboratory and research safety.

Strengthening the research safety environment at U-M

Enhancing a cooperative culture of safety around all research activities
Improving communication, awareness and resource assessment across campus
Establishing commitment to using proper safety procedures in all research activities
Identifying best practices and strategies that may serve as a model for others

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Safe Research is Smart Research (Letter from S. Jack Hu and Kevin Hegarty)

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Through their research and creative work in science, engineering, health, social science, humanities, public policy and the arts, universities seek a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

As a public university, the University of Michigan has a special obligation to ensure that society benefits from the knowledge, insights and other products that arise. The translation of intellectual work to public benefit can take many paths, including undergraduate and graduate education, papers and books, clinical practice, technology licensing and works of art.

Through these processes, universities serve as the foundation of our nation’s economic vitality and quality of life. U-M is committed to enhancing and accelerating the transfer of the results of its work to the public good.