Environment, Health and Safety Inspector Representative Contact and Building Responsibilities

EHS Research Health and Safety
Janet Follo Manager, Biosafety Officer 647-3133
Franchesca Barillas EHS Rep: Biosafety 763-7095
Biosafety for PI last names P-Z
Jessica Bunn Senior Rep: Animal Worker Health and Safety 647-9213
Will Dawson EHS Rep: COE 764-3078
Buildings: XB, CSRB, M-City, UMTRI, Ford Robotics, Wilson Center, Wind Tunnel, Gorguze, GGB, LBME, Peach Mountain, Phoenix, NEL, M-Air, Cooley, Lay Auto, LNF

Brandon Eggleston



Raquel Huffman

EHS Rep: Med School

Brehm, Kellogg Eye, MS I, MS II, MSRB I, MSRB II, MSRB III, Cancer Center


EHS Rep: LSI, Med School




Buildings: May Sue Coleman (Life Sciences), BSRB, MBNI, Research Museums Complex (RMC)
David Laird EHS Rep: Central Campus 763-0653
Buildings: NUB (formerly CC Little), Weiser (formerly Dennison), East Hall, Pharmacy, Randall, West Hall, CCRB, BSB, Biological Station
Crystal O’Donnell EHS Rep: Biosafety 763-8292
Biosafety for PI last names A-G
Eric Robertson EHS Rep: Biosafety 763-8292
Biosafety for PI last names H-O
Bob Robke EHS Rep: COE 764-6703
Buildings: Aux Services, Betty and Bob Beyster, BIRB/MRI Modular Building, Dow, EECS, ERB I & II, EWRE, Gerstacker, Industrial Operations Engineering, NAME, Rad Sci I & II, Engineering Support Building, LNF
Melanie Thompson EHS Rep: Central Campus/Animal Worker Health and Safety 647-6585
Buildings: Dental School, USB, Health Services (UHS), CSSB, ISR,SPH I, SPH II, ARF
Ingrid Walstad-Terpak EHS Rep: Animal Worker Health and Safety 936-2961
Shannon Weger EHS Rep: NCRC Labs/Med School 763-3514
Buildings: NCRC Buildings, Med Sc I, II
Joseph Wernet EHS Rep: Central Campus 763-3915
Buildings: Chemistry, Dana (SEAS), 400 NIB, School of Nursing, George Reserve, Ruthven, Kraus
EHS Operational Health and Safety
Brett Goecke Manager 647-2306
Brett Goecke EHS Rep: School of Music Theater and Dance 647-2306
Areas of Coverage: Shops and Studios
Matt Repka EHS Rep: Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Stamps School of Art and Design, Libraries 647-6673
Areas of Coverage: Shops and Studios
EHS Technical Services and Solutions
Jon Lillemoen Manager 936-2130
Julie Gallup EHS Rep: Engineering Controls Certification 615-6165

Buildings: Cooley, Wilson Center, Auxiliary Services, Briarwood, Art + Architecture, MMPP, Aerospace, Biological Station, Bentley Library, Research Museums Complex, NCRC, Burlington, UMTRI, Space Research, CSSB, Gerstacker, GG Brown, Brehm, LBME, Dow, Lay Auto, KEC, BIRB, EPB, 300 NIB


Steve Gallup EHS Rep: Engineering Controls Certification 615-1973
Buildings:  MSRB I & II, Cancer Center, Taubman Center, University Hospitals ,Mott Hospital/MCHC
Sean Miller EHS Tech:  Engineering Controls Certification 763-3272
Buildings: CVC, SPH I & II, Buhl, USB, East Hall, Kraus, Kelsey Museum. CCRB, Ruthven. Chemistry, Dental, Mary Sue Colemen, BSB, West Hall, Dana, Randall, Pharmacy , NUB
Josh Sefton EHS Rep: Engineering Controls Certification 763-5625
Buildings: ARF, Med Sc I and II, ARF, Transportation Services. BSRB,MBNI                  
EHS Radiation Safety
Karl Fischer Director/Radiation Safety Officer 647-2251 
Kade Randol EHS Laser Safety Specialist 647-5224
Dennis Palmieri EHS Health Physicist/ Radio Frequency 764-9182
Buildings: Brehm, KEC, BSB, CCRB, Chemistry, Dearborn, Dental,  Flint, LSI, Nat Sci, PET/Cyclotron,NCRC, Biological Station
Justin Quinn EHS Health Physicist/Security 763-9133
Buildings: Cooley, CSSB, Dow, East Hall, EECS, ERB I&II,EWRE, Gerstacker, GG Brown, Lay Auto, LBME, NAME, MMPP, NEL, Randall, SPH I&II, SRB
TBD EHS Health Physicist/Radon Testing Contact main EHS phone 647-1143

Buildings: ARF, BSRB, Med Sc I&II, 300/400 NIB, CC (research), MBNI, MSRB I/II/III, NUAB (formerly CC Little), Pharmacy, Research Museums Center]


EHS Hazardous Material Management
Mike Dressler Manager 763-4619