Public Engagement Workshops & Training Opportunities

The Public Engagement & Research Impacts team hosts a variety of workshop opportunities across a range of topics. We can also develop or customize tailor-made training opportunities for units or departments.

Information Sessions: These presentations provide an overview of key areas of public engagement and research impacts work and how they might connect with your scholarship.

NSF Broader Impacts 101
  • This session serves as a basic introduction to the broader impacts criterion of NSF proposals. 
  • Through this session, you will: 
    • Understand the different pillars of broader impacts as defined by NSF;
    • Be able to articulate why broader impacts matter; and
    • Become familiar with tools and resources to help you better incorporate broader impacts into your project planning and proposals.
Public Engagement & Research Impacts 101
  • This session covers different conceptualizations of public engagement and how engaged work can lead to larger societal impacts. 
  • Through this session, you will:
    • Understand and recognize different forms of engaged work;
    • Be able to articulate different goals and impacts of engaged work; and
    • Consider future pathways for engagement.

Communication & Facilitation: These practice-oriented workshops cover a range of skills to support research translation and group facilitation

Principles of Effective Science Communication: Messaging, Language, and Narrative
  • This hands-on workshop explores three foundational elements of science communication, with a focus on creating core messages. 
  • Through this session, you will:
    • Consider how to align your science communication goals and the goals of your audience(s); 
    • Understand how a core message, language choices, and narrative structure all contribute to an effective communication effort; and
    • Practice developing a core message and narrative structure using several tools.
    Engaging Virtual Facilitation
    • This hands-on workshop focuses on using participatory techniques to make virtual meetings or workshops more engaging and meaningful. 
    • Through this session, you will:
      • Understand some of the core principles behind participatory virtual facilitation; 
      • Learn several techniques for encouraging participation in a virtual meeting or workshop that you can apply in your own settings; and  
      • Gain tips, tricks, and additional resources for successful participatory virtual facilitation.

    Project Planning & Evaluation: These applied trainings support opportunities to effectively plan and evaluate engagement and impact projects.

    Public Engagement & Research Impacts Project Design using the Contexts Deck
    • This session demonstrates how to use the Michigan Public Engagement Framework Contexts Deck to plan engagement and impact projects.
    • Through this session, you will: 
      • Understand some of the core considerations for engaged project planning, including impact-based design, relevant contexts, mutually beneficial relationships, and resources;  
      • Practice using a reflective tool for engaged project planning; and 
      • Consider how to apply the core considerations and reflective tool to your own engaged project planning needs. 

    Scholarly Strategy & Reflective Practice: These workshops are anchored in reflective practice and support scholars in articulating how engagement and impact work connects with scholarly identity and ambition.

    Envisioning Impacts
    • This session is designed to progressively layer on the different elements of an impact identity – the unique confluence of your personal preferences and values, your scholarship, societal needs, your institutional context, and your capacities and skills (Risien and Storksdieck 2018). 
    • Through this session, you will:
      • Identify values, strengths, and capacities that might play an important role in your engaged efforts; 
      • Understand different types of goals and impacts for engaged work; and 
      • Develop the outlines of your own impact identity.

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