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A-Z Index and Glossary

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  • M-Inform

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    U-M's outside interest disclosure and conflict of interest management system in eResearch.

  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

    A Material Transfer Agreement is a legal contract that outlines terms of use  (e.g., intellectual property rights) for materials provided to another investigator.  MTAs involving U-M are negotiated by the Office of Technology Transfer and are completed via an Unfunded Agreement (UFA) in the eResearch Proposal Management system.

  • MDA

    No Cost Time Extension

  • MICH-R

    Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research.

  • Mileage reimbursement

    See: Travel


    Michigan Research Library Network

  • MOD/Modifications

    During the project life-cycle, Awards can be changed for the following reasons:

    • Incremental Funding
    • Change to PI/Key Personnel
    • No Cost Extension
    • Budget Changes/Corrections
    • Supplements

    If ORSP determines that an Award Change Request should be a modification, ORSP will create an Award Modification. It will have its own ID (AWD000000-MOD000). The Award state will become Modification in Progress.

    Tracking Award Modifications

    In-progress and completed Modifications are listed on the Modifications tab in the Award Workspace. See the Modifications tab and Award Modification Workspace for more details.

  • MOU

    Memorandum of Understanding

  • MSRA

    Michigan Chapter of Society of Research Administrators

  • MTDC (Modified Total Direct Costs)

    Modified Total Direct Costs. The basis on which most U-M indirect costs are calculated (calculated as total costs minus equipment, tuition, patient care costs, and the portion of a sub-contract in excess of $25,000). 

  • MTF

    Materials Transfer Form