Research to Serve the World

A record high in annual research expenditures at the University of Michigan led to innovative research and scholarship endeavors that address emerging problems, spur new technologies and drive the economy.

U-M, which has ranked No. 1 in research volume among the nation’s public universities for nine consecutive years, reported $1.62 billion in research expenditures during Fiscal Year 2019.

Fiscal Year 2019

No. 1 in research volume among U.S. public universities
$1.62 billion in research expenditures
502 new inventions
22 new startups

FY19 Research Annual Report

Learn more about the impact and importance of U-M research in the Fiscal Year 2019 Research Annual Report.

FY19 Research Annual Report PDF

Serving the World through Research

"With continuous support from our internal and external partners, the university is well prepared to meet the challenges we face in a world of rapid change, and to continue our contributions to the public good," says Rebecca Cunningham, U-M interim vice president for research.

Message from Rebecca Cunningham