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Research to Serve the World

HuResearch to serve the world.

The University of Michigan embraces the vision above as researchers across campus work together to advance knowledge, solve challenging societal problems, create new products and services that enhance quality of life, and support students and postdoctoral fellows in research and training.

Academic research requires the support of many, including the federal government and industry partners. As credit to our altruistic staff, innovative faculty and strong external collaboration, U-M has conducted the largest volume of research of any public university in the United States for eight consecutive years.

Research expenditures totaled $1.55 billion in Fiscal Year 2018, a record high and the ninth year in a row that U-M research expenditures have exceeded $1 billion.

The federal government remains an essential partner in our research endeavors, investing $852 million in FY 2018 to support U-M research that strengthens national security, improves public health and bolsters economic competitiveness. To put that into perspective, federal support equated to 55 percent of our total research volume last year.

As vice president for research, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with faculty, staff and students across campus who are driven to impact society for the greater good. Moving forward, the U-M Office of Research will continue to collaborate with our partners on campus and beyond to catalyze, support and safeguard university research, with the ultimate goal of serving the world.

S. Jack Hu
Vice President for Research