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External Funding

This page provides examples of places to find financial support from external sponsors. The examples shared here include tools such as databases and campus resources. 

Campus Resources that Help with Finding Funding

Research Guides U-Mich LibraryResearch Funding Guide from University of Michigan Library

The Research Guides provided by the U-M Library are an excellent place to start to find support in learning how to search for select opportunities. Work with a subject librarian to learn how to access the rich and complex databases and library resources the University has have to support researchers.

Funding Opportunity Databases

Searchable third party databases (like SPIN and Pivot/COS) mine funding opportunities so you don't have to, and they can send new opportunities to you each week by email. The University of Michigan subscribes to these excellent resources and with your U-M login credentials you can create accounts.

  • Pivot is a ProQuest product (formerly known as COS - Community of Science). 
    Pivot is an excellent resource for finding funding opportunities.
    You can use Pivot to save a search and have it send you a weekly email alert when a match between your choice of keywords (research area) and funding programs are matched in the Pivot funding opportunities database. Please also see the Pivot Quick Start Guide. 
  • The SPIN database is an infoEd product. InfoEd offers an alert service called SMARTS. SMARTS will send you e-mail messages when there is a match between your choice of keywords and the funding programs in the SPIN funding opportunities database. Anyone with a "" e-mail address can use SMARTS. Sign up for SMARTS (or create/update a profile).InfoEd | SPIN 

    Once you request a SMARTS profile, your request will be routed to the University of Michigan GENIUS Administrator: Constance Colthorp Amrine - so that she can review your request and validate your profile.  (For the department name choose the U-M department with which you are affiliated. If you do not see it listed you may choose our name (the option reads with our former name "Vice President Research - Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP)"). 

External Resources

Sponsor Websites

View a few external sponsors' websites including various foundations, NIH, NSF, DOE, Michigan agencies and others.

External Sponsor Email Alerts

Get notified of sources of support from Foundations, NIH, NSF, DOE, Michigan agencies and others through regular email alerts from external sponsors.