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External Email Alert Groups

This page describes external email lists that are relevant to the research community. You may wish to also sign up for internal U-M email communications.

    • Pivot / Community of Science (COS) is also for non-science areas. A profile in the expertise database provides you with opportunities upon request or a free weekly digest sent via e-mail on Sunday nights.
    • SPIN - a funding alert service from InfoEd, it matches your choice of keywords and the funding opportunities in the SPIN database. Anyone with a "" e-mail address can sign up for this service. (Due to low usage, we will end our subscription to this product on June 30, 2019.)
    • Grants Net - funding for training in the biomedical sciences and undergraduate science education; service sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
    • ResearchResearch - Opportunity alerts from federal agencies and more; subscription fee for full access
    • Environmental Protection Agency - various e-mail list options
    • NASA's Office of Space Science Research Announcements - Alerts subscribers to research opportunities
    • NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts - Program announcements from the National Institutes of Health. Get the table of contents mailed to you each week by signing up with the Listserv: NIH Guide Listserv
    • National Science Foundation Updates - E-mail notification of new publications, including program announcements of funding opportunities.
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Reports via E-Mail - Subscribe and fill out the on-line form for serveral different publications. 
    • U.S. Department of Energy "ER News" Reminder
    • ER News, a bi-monthly newsletter, covers information about research and technologies generated by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Research. An automatic electronic "reminder" and topic list will be e-mailed to subscribers when each new issue of the ER News becomes available online. To receive the reminder, send an e-mail message to this In the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE ERNEWSLIST First_Name Last_Name. Successful subscriptions will be acknowledged with a confirming message, containing listserv commands. If you do not receive this message, or have other problems, send e-mail to, or call509/375-4462.
    • NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) - A free subscription to receive procurement announcements from NASA.
    • National Institute for Standards and Technology (sign up on home page)
    • Transportation Research Board E-Mail Notification Service - Chose among various lists to receive notices of the Requests for Proposals. Instructions for subscribing are on the above page.