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COVID-19 Research Publications

Researchers across a wide variety of disciplines at the University of Michigan are using their expertise to address the global COVID-19 pandemic. The following list of publications, catalogued and routinely updated by the Office of the Vice President for Research, illustrates the breadth of COVID-related work led by U-M researchers.

The reference list highlights U-M research faculty and affiliates in bold and sorts publications alphabetically by first author. The list is updated weekly and was last updated on May 20, 2020. For a sortable and downloadable reference list, please visit our shared Zotero collection at

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The citations in this list are presented to give an overview of the breadth of work that U-M researchers are conducting to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The list is presented in response to a quickly changing cultural landscape, as well as a time of intensive research activity, so we are updating and refining it as more information becomes available. Citations are drawn from multiple sources, including Michigan Research Experts, which index major publications and databases, but just as this is a quickly developing area of research, so are our search strategies quickly adapting. Due to the highly collaborative nature of research, many of the authors above are researchers from U-M, while many are reseearchers elsewhere working collaboratively with U-M researchers. The list may include some researchers who have recently left U-M, or items not directly related to the coronavirus pandemic. This list will be updated weekly with the most current information possible, but we welcome feedback regarding missing or extraneous items.

Linked articles may not be accessible to the general public, and URLs are presented as a guide to find the publication. For those who do not have access to these publications through the university, we suggest consulting with a specialist at your local library.


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