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Serving the World through Research

Rebecca CunninghamHow do you measure the impact of university research?

I often field this question from both internal and external partners, and as a public university, we often turn to our annual research expenditures.

The University of Michigan has consistently ranked first in research volume among the nation’s public universities, and during Fiscal Year 2019, we reported a record $1.62 billion in research expenditures.

Numbers like this are important in order to comprehend the vast amount of research led by U-M, but even more important is our collective focus on how that funding benefits society as a whole.

With support from internal and external partners, our researchers help spur advancements in a variety of areas ranging from drug discovery and aging to sustainability and the arts.

And it remains incredibly important that society realizes the benefits of our research and scholarship.

That means translating ideas, discoveries and technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

During FY2019, our faculty and staff exceled in translating U-M research and scholarship, resulting in a record 502 inventions.

At U-M, we will continue to serve the world through research. And based on the support and expertise of individuals worldwide, the university is well prepared to meet the challenges we face in a world of rapid change, and to continue our contributions to the public good.



Rebecca Cunningham
William G. Barsan Collegiate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Interim Vice President for Research
University Of Michigan