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With annual expenditures of $1.39 billion, research is central to the University of Michigan's mission. Learn more about how U-M research impacts the world for the greater good.

Michigan Research

  • A monthly e-newsletter that highlights the breadth and excellence of research at U-M

Campus News

  • Michigan News promotes research, major events, expertise and programs to enhance the university's reputation around the world

Health News

  • At the intersection of research, health technology and new science, Michigan Health Lab covers innovation at the U-M Health System and beyond

"In today's environment of increasing competition for research funding from government, industry and foundations, it is important to show decision makers, opinion leaders, sponsors, and the public what progress we're making, what insights we are gaining, and how our work is making a difference," said S. Jack Hu, vice president for research.

UMOR Annual Reports

  • U-M features research advances and its annual research expenditures

Federal Research Reports

  • A weekly e-newsletter that outlines important Congressional issues and how they impact U-M