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Limited Submissions Process and Team

Weekly Calls for Intent to Submit

Many Limited Submission Opportunities that are not yet internal competitions (but interest may require one). We announce these Calls for Intent to Submit in our Weekly Call for Intent to Submit newsletter and ask for a show of hands. If interest exceeds the sponsor's institutional limit, the U-M Office of Research may hold an internal Limited Submissions Competition and announce it at a later date.

Policies and Procedures

  1. We now communicate both the Calls for Intent to Submit and the Limited Submissions in a single communication. You can sign up for this communication.  Our weekly communication contains limited submission competitions that are coordinated by the U-M Office of Research (UMOR). It also contains links to limited submission competitions that are coordinated by the U-M Medical School Office of Research and campus-wide.

  2. You can view any UMOR-managed Calls for Intent to Submit and Limited Submission Competitions. If you want to submit a proposal, choose the opportunity, and follow the prompts. We send confirmations if you successfully applied or successfully shared your intent to submit. If you don't receive a confirmation, be sure you submitted correctly, and then contact us. 

  3. There are many limited funding opportunities. We won't find every limited opportunity, but we will make an effort to find as many as we can. 

  4. If you have reason to believe a funding opportunity you are interested in is limited, and you do not see it on this list or in our archived emails, please email us at and let us know which opportunity you have found. This process is critical because extra submissions can result in the rejection by the sponsor of any submissions from the University of Michigan. Additionally, we must take that opportunity through the limited submission process.

  5. Candidates may be approved to move forward without a competition if there is no other competitive interest or if recommended by UMOR.

  6. UMOR staff work each week to:

    • Search and identify funding opportunities.

    • Aggregate and share via this communication. 

    • Gather responses of interest from faculty in given opportunities.

    • If deemed necessary by UMOR, announce a Competition with further instruction.

    • Review submissions and approve candidates to move forward.

  7. We cannot guarantee we will find every limited funding opportunity. We try to select those of interest. Visit the U-M Library's Find Funding portal to learn more about finding funding opportunities that are of specific interest to you.

  8. There will be times when the limited opportunity is learned of belatedly. We will do our best to announce it in reasonable time.​

  9. If the internal deadline has expired, feel free to check still. You may be able to still apply for a grant or award if the external deadline has not yet expired; be sure to contact

  10. We  try to work with all interested parties in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Program Changes

  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation no longer limits the number of applications from an institution, so an internal selection process is no longer required.